Athletes are individuals who are constantly in the spotlight. They are in the spotlight for either a good or a bad reason. If an athlete is doing well, he or she would constantly be talked about for a long time provided the performance continues well.

However, if the athlete should mess up for any reason, there would be banters from all angles, some of which would get to the athlete.

Some of these athletes have learnt not to take some of these mockeries to heart. Rather, they have decided to use it as a form of motivation for themselves to always perform better.

One thing about fans is, they do not give athletes the chance to refuel themselves. There is always an expectation from their favorite athlete every time, not minding if they are in a good shape or not.

Hence, since athletes want to be in the good books of their fans every time, they always ensure to practice hard, so that they can get better. However, those who do not perform up to expectations usually end up getting addicted.

Addiction is one of the worse things which can happen to an athlete, and those who have been fortunate to break free from it, have been able to lead normal lives, because they have got the best of treatment which has assisted their recovery.

Athletes are individuals who need a mental health counselor by their side every now and then. Athletes are prone to mental health problems, and if they are not well taken off, it could take a great toll on their health.

Athletes need to realize that people can never get satisfied, and they must also realize that, it is impossible to maintain a great record all through their sojourn as an athlete. They need to also bear in mind that there would be downtimes, and they should expect much backlash as possible.

So, they must be prepared for times like that, and they should use that medium as a chance to pull themselves together, and put measures in place to perform better next time.