There have been lots of cases which involves the addiction of athletes to drugs and alcohol. These substances have been known to end the lives and career of athletes, and it is still happening till today. Athletes who have been lucky to escape addiction, or perhaps break free, have been able to live normal and prosperous lives, because they have received the best form of treatment which aided their recovery.

From time to time, you would find a large number of people gather in stadiums and arenas to catch a glimpse of their favourite athletes. People love them, and the upcoming ones want to be like them, there are also sponsors who want to make them their brand ambassadors. It can be said that there are a lot of benefits on the plates of an athlete.

It is easier for an athlete to get addicted to substances because they are well paid, and they can afford it. These substances are easily accessible and it circulates well within their circle.

There are various reasons why an athlete would become addicted:

  • Performance enhancement: This is one of the major reasons why an athlete would be hooked on either drugs or alcohol. They could be in competitions or contests, where it is required that they give their very best, so that they would come out tops, or their team would prevail. Hence, there is this burden on them, that they need to do well, so that they would not disappoint the numerous fans and the team, who are looking up to them.
  • Injuries: Also, athletes take drugs and alcohol so that the healing of their injury can be hastened. They are high-flying performance, and they would not want to slack at any point, for the fear of losing the love of those who look up to them. With time, it becomes something which they cannot let go off.
  • Depression: This is a mental health disorder which affects athletes. There are times when they fail, and they are mocked by the public. It affects them adversely, and some of them sink into oblivion. Hence, the only way whereby they can come out of this depression, is to take either drugs or alcohol.